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Revisiting Meatspin, the NSFW Site That Shocked Everyone

Meatspin, one of the original shock sites, is a relic of a different time in internet history, when casual homophobia was still a reasonable ingredient in the recipe for internet success. Launched ...

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The newest installation of internet trickery. It is an .gif of two homosexuals having intercourse while the male on top has his penis spinning in circles. In the deepest parts of hell with the likes of: goatse tubgirl lemonparty.

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Since people enjoyed watching me wretch to 2 Girls 1 Cup, this week I've been challenged to watch Meatspin. Generally I'm up on the internet shenanigans, but...

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this is an appropriate video for any age. pleas subscribe to my channelsong used (you spin me round) by dead or alive. also images has been used from the int...

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Fun veggie fact 15: meatspin LOL. #fun #veggie #fact #meatspin #lol. Ruby_Grimm. 7 jul. Pinterest. Blue waffle Octopus Girl Tubgirl Best gore lemon party pain olympics meatspin the internet 2 girls 1 cup. #blue #waffle #octopus #best #lemon #party #pain #olympics #meatspin #cup.

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Meatspin is a shock site containing a looping video (set playing to "You Spin Me Round (Like a Record) by Dead or Alive") of two people engaging in anal sex while the penis of the receiving partner spins endlessly. Although frequently reported to be gay porn, it has been mentioned that the clip was derived from a trans porn film.

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Typically accompanied by music. Earliest known example: Meatspin. Browser Fuckers: Content based on scripts that exploit vulnerabilities in browsers to crash the browser and disrupt functioning of your computer. These sites give your computer AIDS. Shockchan does not host or link to browner fuckers. If you want this, search Google for Last ...

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2 Girls 1 Cup Video. The Original 2 Girls 1 Cup video took the internet by storm in October 2007 when the video was repeatedly uploaded onto video sharing site Youtube. The clip is an excerpt from Hungry Bitches (2007) from the Brazilian movie producers MFX Media. The video depicts a number of themes, including the complexity of relationships ...

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Meatspin. Videos. Like us on Facebook! Meatspin is a shock site featuring a clip from an adult film set to the 1985 Dead or Alive song "You Spin Me Round." Online, the website is commonly used by trolls as a bait-and-switch link. To learn more, visit Know Your Meme. Meatspin!

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Meatspin (aka The German Panzergrenadier) is a website created in the wake of numerous disasters (both natural disasters such as the boxing day '04 tsunami and not so natural disasters such as the July 7th '05 London bombings) that occurred in and around the year 2005.